12.10.10 PLAYLIST

Greetings! Corey Jones was kinda enough to host the show last week as I was out of town and this is the playlist he sent me!

The Raven and the Writing Desk “Wooden Lover”
Common Anomaly “Golden”
Elephant Revival “Go On”
Pictureplane “Slow it up”
Overcasters “The Tide”
Casey James Prestwood “Rebel on My Side”
Flshbulb Fires “Revenge Song”
The Pirate Signal “Love In The Time of Swine Flu”
Dressy Bessy “I Saw Cinnamon” (request)
Warlock Pinchers “Flaming Mimes”
Sour Boy Bitter Girl “Build a Wolf a Cage”
Li’l Slugger “Pillars in the Sky”
Robin Walker “Open Up”
Chain Gang of 1974 “Funk Giants”
Warhawk “Cold Gin Hot Sin”
Mike Marchant “Lower Downtown Curses”
Roger Roll “Digging”
Moccasin “Ezra’s Ghost” (request)
Rachael Pollard “Ripley's Believe It Or Not”
Machine Gun Blues “Rock Song No. 1” rock your bones
The Gypsy Cab Co. “In the City”
Fresh Breath Committee “Why They Do What They Do”
Breaking & Entering “Coffee to go”
The Kissing Party “Winter in the Pub”

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