Greetings everyone. It's almost the New Year and with that comes great, great things. Before we get into that, unfortunately there will be NO Local Shakedown this Friday 1.31 because 1190 will have a special playlist set up. If you are looking for some awesome/radical/blowyourskullout shows to attend, have no fear for there are many for all types of music lovers.

-- Analog Space & Speaker Snacks NYE Blowout
This show is going to be off the hook! Click the link to see who is playing at the Meadowlarke. It's cheap. It's fun. It's great music of all different genres.

--The Knew Years Eve Party
Americana lovers should head toward the Larimer Lounge! Free champagne at midnight...WOOT!

--Snake Rattle Rattle Snake NYE
One of Denver's FINEST rock bands will be headlining the Hi-Dive with 2 other great local acts. Tickets are going fast so get them NOW!

--Paper Bird NYE Masquerade Ball
Masks. Music. Magic. Paper Bird will be playing with Dovekins and Pee Pee at the Oriental Theatre.

There are many great local shows around Colorado on New Years Eve so you should check the paper or online blogs like Westword for more shows.


Coming up next month...look forward to...

1.7.11 -- Foam Bullets LIVE in the studio
1.14.11 -- The Gromits LIVE in the studio
1.21.11 -- Speaker Snacks Co-Host with special artists TBA


--Thanks to all the artists that have been sending me music. I LOVE IT. Everyone else....follow suit.
You can mail albums and EPs to the radio station or e-mail me mp3s.


Radio 1190 (Local Shakedown)
Campus Box 207
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309.


12.17.10 PLAYLIST

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all enjoyed today's show!! We had Jake Martin of Speaker Snacks come on air once again and this time joined by Denver Promotor and DJ extraordinaire  Peter Black of Analog Space! They co-hosted the show with me and brought a ton of great new tracks. We also had a special interview with Constellations and an exclusive to Radio 1190 mix of remixed, alternate, and unreleased tracks by Constellations. I'll provide a link to a recording of today's show for your pleasure as well as a link to the Constellations mix. Here is today's playlist as well as a playlist to the Constellation's mix. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to send me music if you are a local artist!


1. woodsman - insects - rare forms
2. school knights - lunch money
3. flashlights - rocketeer - single
4. pina chulada - what you mean - single
5. tjutjuna - collider - single
6. fissure mystic - biology - single
7. candy claws - snow bridge - single
8. modern witch - your life a movie
9. drop logik - absolute bowns - experimental dance breaks 36
10. c.db.sn - 4amcatattaq - experimental dance breaks 36
11. cacheflowe - crunch dub VIP - experimental dance breaks 36
12. mr. mitch - skittles (PDRBLK Live Acid Fix)
13. woodsman - serfer - rare forms
14. fingers of the sun - goodbye summer - single
15. kissing party - winter in the pub - single

Constellations Mix

1. Savage Orb (CB's Black Heat Remix) (Unreleased)
2. Savage Orb (Hollagramz Remix)
3. Bicycle Tropics (Self-released)
4. Paved In Bronze (Unreleased)
5. Tilted Meadow (Unreleased)
6. Vinyl Psyche (Unreleased)
7. Tilted Meadow (Unreleased)
8. Brooms in the Age of Aruba (CB's 10x Loop Edit) (Unreleased)
9. Timeshares - Permanent Seagulls (Delayed Flight Mix (Self-released)
10. Constellations - Swamp Healer (Unreleased)
11. Mantronix - King of the Beats (Capitol Records 1988)
12. Constellations - Lady Coast (Self-released)
13. Constellations - Behold the Lemon Spectre (Unreleased)


12.10.10 PLAYLIST

Greetings! Corey Jones was kinda enough to host the show last week as I was out of town and this is the playlist he sent me!

The Raven and the Writing Desk “Wooden Lover”
Common Anomaly “Golden”
Elephant Revival “Go On”
Pictureplane “Slow it up”
Overcasters “The Tide”
Casey James Prestwood “Rebel on My Side”
Flshbulb Fires “Revenge Song”
The Pirate Signal “Love In The Time of Swine Flu”
Dressy Bessy “I Saw Cinnamon” (request)
Warlock Pinchers “Flaming Mimes”
Sour Boy Bitter Girl “Build a Wolf a Cage”
Li’l Slugger “Pillars in the Sky”
Robin Walker “Open Up”
Chain Gang of 1974 “Funk Giants”
Warhawk “Cold Gin Hot Sin”
Mike Marchant “Lower Downtown Curses”
Roger Roll “Digging”
Moccasin “Ezra’s Ghost” (request)
Rachael Pollard “Ripley's Believe It Or Not”
Machine Gun Blues “Rock Song No. 1” rock your bones
The Gypsy Cab Co. “In the City”
Fresh Breath Committee “Why They Do What They Do”
Breaking & Entering “Coffee to go”
The Kissing Party “Winter in the Pub”


12.3.10 PLAYLIST

HEYHEYHEYYYYY! Hope you all had a grrrreat thanksgiving. I spent mine full as ever relistening to Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, twas great. I did a special set today by playing doubles of every artist, with the exception of the first request. But I hope you enjoyed getting a chance to get a little more personal with the artists that I chose to play today. Next week I will be out of town, but Zack (DJ sub and member of the band School Knights will be covering for me so be sure to stay tuned. The week after next, 12.17, Jake Martin from Speaker Snacks (www.speakersnacks.com) will be joining me again with some other special guests and goodies for you guys! Hope you enjoyed the show and please leave a comment or two with some feedback or suggestions. Again, all local artists...I WANT YOUR MUSIC. You can find contact info in my profile on this blog, or leave a comment, whatever you like.

1. tennis - cape dory - baltimore
2. tennis - south carolina - south carolina 7"
3. fellow citizens - california nights - ...and summery skies ep
4. fellow citizens - frusted, jane answers - rocket pack
5. flashlights - glowing eyes - single
6. bad weather california - new religion - young punks
7. bad weather california - i dreamed - young punks
8. modern witch - impersonator - disaro
9. modern witch - not the only one - disaro
10. tudaloos - you=me - houses
11. tudaloos - sundays undazed - houses
12. xAx - call me buckskin - power slide conformist
13. xAx - delivered whole - power slide conformist
 -- http://xaxgraphics.com/PSC/
14. gregory alan isakov - the stable song - that sea, the gambler
15. gregory alan isakov - san francisco - that sea, the gambler
16. tjutjuna - the swish - tjutjuna
17. tjutjuna - rise/set - tjutjuna
18. git some - loose control - loose control
19. git some - broken bodies glisten - loose control
20. woodsman - shutterlag - collages
21. woodsman - dikembe mutombo - collages
22. BDRMPPL - 2013 pt. 2 - single
23. BDRMPPL - 2013 pt. V - single
24. health - lost time (pictureplane remix) - health/disco
25. pictureplane - cylical cylical (mystic bummer remix) - cock rock bottom
26. mystic bummer - fruitinfiinity - cock rock bottom


11.26.10 PLAYLIST

HEY! I hope you all had an AWESOME thanksgiving. Today's spotlight was on Denver's own HOLLAGRAMZ !! See him live tonight with Peter Black, Screen Savers, and DJ Cory Brown at REAL IS A FEELING ! It is the monthly dance party at Meadowlark (Denver) with visuals by AVVC. It's only $3, but it is 21+.

1. hollagramz - it's a fine day - single
2. bowline on a bight - my grave - tying that shit up
3. dose - cat butt in my face - dose ep
4. wovenhand - the threshingfloor - the threshingfloor
5. bedrockk - outer space - single
6. mach-zehnder - hours of the night - revenant
7. flashlights - apple trees - denver afterdark
8. hollagramz - boomslang - single
9. xAx - setting fire to flame - power slide conformist
10. fingers of the sun - heaven only only knows master - ep
11. jade & gypsy - not as beautiful - single
12. hollagramz - gunboat - single
13. the red alaskan malamutes - jesse james - ajax ep
14. modern witch - not the only one - disaro
15. elephant revival - drop - break in the clouds
16. ego vs id - all american love - taste
17. i know you, rider - the greatest zealot is a convert - la bufadora
18. peddahblak - make it funky - denver afterdark
19. hollagramz - 4.44 - single
20. st. elias - i didn't ask - altered beast
21. stored organs - start the van - single
22. hollagramz - magnet flow - denver afterdark
23. hollagramz - megaloom - single
24. hollagramz - brghtlne - single


This Friday 11.26: Spotlight on HOLLAGRAMZ

Hey!! In honor of turkeys and dancing people everywhere, this week on Radio 1190's Local Shakedown, Hollagramz is going to be spotlighted. Ron Cole is the mastermind behind Hollagramz and has been rockin Denver's electronic dance scene! I'll be playing multiple tracks and if you dig it, you can see him and many other AMAZING DJs at Denver's best dance partyyy!!!!

++ For downloads of Hollagramz -- http://soundcloud.com/Hollagramz
++ For more information on the dance party -- http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131684170218829

I hope you all feast on Thursday, feast well...


11.19.10 PLAYLIST

WOAH WOAH WOAH. So much was going on during this show, it was rad! Jake Martin of Speaker Snacks co-hosted the show and put together most of this amazing playlist. We premiered to tracks to the world. "Glowing Eyes" by Flashlights (Catch them at the Larimer Lounge this Wednesday 11.24 with Bear Hands) and "I Can Feel It" by King Mob, Denver's newest band. We also had Boulder's own School Knights come and do an in-studio performance and interview. Be sure to tune in next week for more sweet local music and surprises. I'd love to hear your responses to the show! Lemme know what's uppp. Also, you can stream the 11.19 and 11.12 show on www.speakersnacks.com if you missed anything. YEAH!

1. pina chulada - appropriate stranger - demos
2. guantlet hair - heave. - 7"
3. king mob - i can feel it - single (premiere track!)
4. hideous men - stage magick - single
5. marina and the diamonds - shampain (pictureplane's deep dolphin remix) - single
6. alphabets - chippy chippy bang bang - single
7. constellations - 90's wildlife - single
8. flashlights - glowing eyes - single (premiere track!)
9. the don'ts and be carefuls - simple miracles (luke hunter james-erickson remix) - live number
10. married in berdichev - wait - readying
11. tjutjuna - bottle kids - s/t
12. candy claws - catamaran - in the dream of the sea life
13. snake rattle rattle snake - dead mens words - single
14. vitamins - sequined dress club remix (sxsw edition) - songs for stem cells
15. woodsman - balance - denver afterdark
16. gangcharger - cellular memory - the metal sun
17. the outfit - washed out - single
18. the chain gang of 1974 - dancekisslovemove - white guts
19. li'l slugger - the stakes is high - super sweethearts: the complete li'l slugger
20. weed diamond - snowmelt - snowmelt/oklahoma

BE SURE TO TUNE IN TO RADIO 1190 FOR LOCAL SHAKEDOWN ON 11.26 for a special spotlight on Hollagramz and Denver's radical dance scene. woot woot!!!


Speaker Snacks and School Knights Live on The Local Shakedown!

Tune in this Friday, 11.19, for a special Local Shakedown show featuring Jake Martin of Speaker Snacks. Jake will be co-hosting the show with me. We will be debuting never before heard tracks from Colorado's finest local artists. If that isn't enough, Boulder's School Knights will be doing a live in-studio performance and interview. It's going to be a great show so be sure to tune in from 4-6pm on Friday 11.19.


11.12.10 PLAYLIST

Today's spotlight was on GIT SOME! Tune in next Friday from 4-6pm for an exclusive Guest DJ and interview with Denver's Jake Martin. Jake runs the blog www.speakersnacks.com which continuously gets exclusive sneak peaks at new tracks by denver's finest bands. Check his blog regularly for ticket prizes and heads up on sweet shows.

Local artists/bands, feel free to email me your music at ttaylor@radio1190.org

1. git some - tongues - loose control
2.  the don'ts and be carefuls - simple miracles
3. vitamins - sequined dress - hot congress volume 1
4. kissing party - i just want out of this body - hot congress volume 1
 5. hollagramz - 4.44 - single
6. moonspeed - water's edge - flower of the moon
7.  stored organs - alive - single
8. paean - when i was five years old - paean/sour boy, bitter girl
9. glass hits - delirium heights - 7"
10.i know you, rider - fuchs - ep
 11. git some - lick lick lick - loose control
12. gauntlet hair - out, don't - 7"
13. gangcharger - apparition - the metal sun
14. tennis - marathon - baltimore
15. tjutjuna - mosquito hawk - s/t
16. woodsman - insects - singles
17. flashlights - more sunglight - ep
18. fellow citizens - coughing up the day - act so big forest compilation
19. hideous men - sirens - the fates
20. mystic bummer - crystal zodiak bliss out ritual - cock rock bottom
21. git some - loose control - loose control
22. st. elias - i didn't ask - altered beast
23. modern witch - impersonator - disaro
24. pictureplane - dark rift - dark rift
25. wovenhand - denver city - the threshingfloor


The Local Shakedown Presents...

This Friday, The Local Shakedown presents GIT SOME // I KNOW YOU, RIDER // GLASS HITS // HOT WHITE

Friday, November 12 at the Larimer Lounge at 9pm

This is going to be an amazing night of intense punk rock experimental jams. I've gotten the opportunity to see all of these bands live, some of them multiple times, and they put on incredible shows. The energy is unreal!! If you missed the chance to win tickets from Radio 1190, have no fear. Tickets are only $8 at the door. Make sure to get there early because Hot White starts at 9 and you wanna be pumped and ready.

See you there!!