HEY ALL. Good to be back. Sam hosted last weeks show as I was at SXSW catching up with local and national music. Mancub played a live set and Colorado Daily came in to get a live video, you can check it HERE!!!!

Today was toooooo much fun. It began with some good tunes, then Hindershot came into the studio to chat about their music and Hot Congress. Then Lucas of Hot Congress came in as well and we all chatted about the Hot Congress Record Label show at the Fox Theatre that is going on tonight, March 25th! It is an all ages show so be sure to head that way if you are in Boulder to see Achille Lauro, Hindershot, Lil' Slugger, and The Donts and Be Carefuls. Then Justin from Lil Slugger came in chatted for a quick minute about the show as well. After that, Dan Craig played a beautiful live set and came into the air room to chat about his music, Wirebird, and One Tree Hill. It was a really fun day and I hope you all enjoyed it as well.

Here is the playlist!

- Tarantella - Esqueletos - Esqueletos
- Vonnegut - Charleston Bettingham - Public Service 3 (PS3)
- Hindershot - The Mark - It's Only Blood EP
- The Sunshine House - Untitled - The Sunshine House
- phonebooks - Cheree (Suicide Cover) - Laser Palace 2011
- Safe Boating Is No Accident - Boom Boom - Isn't It Fun?
- Ukulele Loki's Gadabout Orchestra - Wendel Hagerman - S/T
- Several Girls Galore - A Delicate Thing - Fumble For Your Hands
- Matson Jones - Spring Fever - S/T
- Pacific Pride - Remember What She Said? - Vamping In The Key of Niche
- Emily Fehler - On To You - Act So Big Forest Compilation Volume 1: Triton
- Future Dust - Cycle:Cycle - From Whence We Came
- 4H Royalty - Tires In A Landfill - Colossalalia
- Achille Lauro - Cardboard Divas - Hot Congress 1
- Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking...
- Tantric Picasso - 5 Years (Old) - S/T
- The Madhouse Act - Summer Son