11.19.10 PLAYLIST

WOAH WOAH WOAH. So much was going on during this show, it was rad! Jake Martin of Speaker Snacks co-hosted the show and put together most of this amazing playlist. We premiered to tracks to the world. "Glowing Eyes" by Flashlights (Catch them at the Larimer Lounge this Wednesday 11.24 with Bear Hands) and "I Can Feel It" by King Mob, Denver's newest band. We also had Boulder's own School Knights come and do an in-studio performance and interview. Be sure to tune in next week for more sweet local music and surprises. I'd love to hear your responses to the show! Lemme know what's uppp. Also, you can stream the 11.19 and 11.12 show on www.speakersnacks.com if you missed anything. YEAH!

1. pina chulada - appropriate stranger - demos
2. guantlet hair - heave. - 7"
3. king mob - i can feel it - single (premiere track!)
4. hideous men - stage magick - single
5. marina and the diamonds - shampain (pictureplane's deep dolphin remix) - single
6. alphabets - chippy chippy bang bang - single
7. constellations - 90's wildlife - single
8. flashlights - glowing eyes - single (premiere track!)
9. the don'ts and be carefuls - simple miracles (luke hunter james-erickson remix) - live number
10. married in berdichev - wait - readying
11. tjutjuna - bottle kids - s/t
12. candy claws - catamaran - in the dream of the sea life
13. snake rattle rattle snake - dead mens words - single
14. vitamins - sequined dress club remix (sxsw edition) - songs for stem cells
15. woodsman - balance - denver afterdark
16. gangcharger - cellular memory - the metal sun
17. the outfit - washed out - single
18. the chain gang of 1974 - dancekisslovemove - white guts
19. li'l slugger - the stakes is high - super sweethearts: the complete li'l slugger
20. weed diamond - snowmelt - snowmelt/oklahoma

BE SURE TO TUNE IN TO RADIO 1190 FOR LOCAL SHAKEDOWN ON 11.26 for a special spotlight on Hollagramz and Denver's radical dance scene. woot woot!!!

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